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Comtel/Edgewise is Now Media Distributors!
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Name Change

Why are you doing this?

With the changes in use of pro media products over the last few years, and all the new ways in which professionals create content today, we have had to change too. 

To serve you better, and maintain our leadership in the marketplace as a supplier of the products you use today, we’ve come together as one. We have combined the product expertise & relationships with new manufacturers with our strategically located facilities, same-day delivery capabilities, buying power and technological advances of both companies into one uniquely capable supplier, under the name "Media Distributors."

Why are you using the name "Media Distributors?" 

The Comtel Pro Media and Edgewise Media identities have been well respected names in the industry for a very long time. We feel that to be a more streamlined and immediately recognized name as a media supplier, "Media Distributors" better suited exactly what we do. We distribute Media, in all the forms that it takes today — whether it be hard drives, SDHC/CF cards, SxS or P2 cards, LTO tapes, disc media, HDCam, SR, XDCam and much more. "Media" is what we sell. "Distributors" are what we are. 

Will my sales rep stay the same?

Yes, you will still have the same sales representative. All the other people you've known and worked with at Comtel Pro Media and Edgewise Media will be here as usual, to be a resource for you as they always have. 

We are changing our name, not our people. 

Will your phone number change? 

The same numbers you have been accustomed to calling all will still work, and the same people you know will still be there when you call. Media Distributors maintains a national toll-free order number of 1-800-851-3113. We also have a special line for sales quotation, technical information and support other than orders, and that number is 1-888-277-6364. You’ll be seeing these numbers more on our literature and web site, but the same numbers you are used to will continue to work fine. 

What about the web site?

Great news there. The Media Distributors site is made for B2B ordering, and for production people like you. Now we can provide you 24/7 online, secure ordering, with all the same delivery options, payment terms, and pricing you have been accustomed to, and lots of other features we would love to show you. The old Comtel and Edgewise sites did not provide this level of customization to your unique needs. We can schedule a web set-up of your account, and walk through of our online order site with your rep and our customer service department right away, at your convenience.

We will be making even more new upgrades to the Media Distributors site in the coming months, but even as it is today, it provides a new level of ordering convenience and ease not found on the present web sites. 

If you'd like to register for ordering online or to review your prices, click here, and your Media Distributor's pricing expert will contact you ASAP.

Will my pricing change? 

No. While pricing is always subject to change, especially products like hard drives, flash media and LTO, our pricing will not change unless our costs from the manufacturers change. The same commitment to providing the most competitive prices in the business has been the focus at Media Distributors as it has with Comtel Pro Media and Edgewise Pro Media. As we continue together as Media Distributors, our philosophy on pricing remains: We will always provide the most value to you for the money you spend on the products we supply, with competitive pricing, as well as several reward programs, rebates, and promotions designed to save you even more.

What about payment? Do I have the same payment terms? Is there somewhere different to send payments? Do you still accept the same credit cards?

Yes. Our payment terms and credit cards we accept all remain the same. Your account with Comtel Pro Media or Edgewise Media remains as is with no changes. The remit-to address remains the same. 

Old invoices under Comtel/Edgewise may be paid together with new invoices. Even if you keep sending us checks made out to Comtel Pro Media or Edgewise Media they will deposit just fine. So really, no changes need to be made on your end at all. However, if you wish to have a new updated W9, we can provide you one right away. 

Will I get a new account number?

No, the account number you always had will stay the same. So will our ability to look up what you’ve ordered before or any of the delivery settings, personnel, and pricing associated with your account. 

Where will my orders ship from now? 

They will ship from the same place they always have, from one of our three main warehouse locations in Los Angeles area (Burbank, CA) Chicago area (Elmhurst, IL) and New York City. Next-day delivery via ground shipping to many major US cities will continue as well. 

Do you have free shipping? 

We do!  Our free shipping policy is valuable, and made for the products we use most today. We provide free ground shipping on orders over $100, on all professional hard drives, flash media (SDHC/CF/QXD/CFast/USB Drives) , LTO tapes and disc publishing equipment. 

If you're currently receiving free, same-day van delivery, you can still get that, too. If you work in Chicago or Los Angeles, ask your sales rep if you qualify for our free, van service.

Any other news?

Yes. As file-based workflows, 4K data constraints and ever-growing use of hard drives continues, Media Distributors has been providing customers with money- and time-saving media asset management and archival solutions for years now, just as Comtel Pro Media / Edgewise has. We now have added many new options from leaders in Archival and MAM/DAM solutions. Brands such as Spectralogic, Quantum, CatDV, Axle, XenData, Marquis, SNS, Sony ODA, and much more. We offer many options to organize and archive your content, starting as low as $5,000 or less. We highly recommend a 30-minute consultation with an archival/asset management specialist soon. Give us a call to set it up.

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