Falcon CDR 52X - Shiny Silver - Hub Printable - Wide Sputter - 80 Min - 100pc Shrinkwrap

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Falcon  3090528504000501

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Falcon Pro CD-Rs have an ultra-smooth printable surface, which displays your disc's artwork in stunning clarity and brilliant colors. Falcon Pro CD-Rs are professional media that offers 700MB recording capacity and 52X speed. Ideal for data backup jobs, as well as image and audio recording, Falcon Pro CD-R media combines exceptional performance with excellent compatibility.

  • Shiny Silver print surface
  • Hub Printable
  • Silk Screenable
  • Wide sputter for full edge to edge printing, with no tonal differences near hub
  • 52X
  • Outstanding print surface for outstanding print quality.
  • The manufacturing facility has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification from the UAE, Switzerland and Japan.
  • Consistent recording and playback quality that is comparable to top Japanese manufacturers.

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