Falcon CDR - 52X - Gold Archival - 80 Min - 25pc Cake Box

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Falcon  3140506504000583

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Falcon Pro Gold Archival CD-Rs use Manufactured using proprietary dual reflective layers, which is comprised of a silver layer for broad compatibility and a gold layer for long archival life. The 24-karat gold layer offers maximum resistance to corrosion, which is one of the major causes of discs failure in standard media. The silver layer is more reflective than the gold, which makes it compatible in a more drives. Like other Falcon Pro CD-Rs, the archival gold discs have an ultra-smooth printable surface, which displays your disc's artwork in stunning clarity and brilliant colors. Falcon Pro CD-Rs are professional media that offers 700MB recording capacity and 52X speed. Ideal for data backup jobs, as well as image and audio recording, Falcon Pro CD-R media combines exceptional performance with excellent compatibility.

  • Gold shiny print surface
  • Uses both silver and gold reflective layers, for maximum compatibility and longer life. 
  • 25-piece spindles (cake box)
  • 52X
  • Outstanding print surface for outstanding print quality.
  • The manufacturing facility has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification from the UAE, Switzerland and Japan.
  • Consistent recording and playback quality that is comparable to top Japanese manufacturers.

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