Falcon Smart Guard CDR 52X - Inkjet - White - Glossy - Water Resistant - Hub Print - 50pc Cake Box

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Water-Resistant, Smudge-Resistant and Glossy Finish

Falcon Pro Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet CD-Rs

The Smart Guard CD-R has a water-resistant surface that helps fight smudges and color bleeds that can be caused by moisture and humidity. Also, the outstanding uniformity of the disc surface lead to faster drying time and can allow you to reduce your ink consumption by up to 25%. The Smart Guard layer offers a superb bright photographic finish, excellent ink absorption and a glossy finish for those looking for an ultra professional image.

  • Water-resistant surface fights smudges and color bleeds
  • High-gloss surface gives bright photo-quality finish and professional image
  • Superior white surface finish delivers high color contrasts; crisp, clear text even with economical ink saturation settings
  • Reduce your ink consumption by up to 25%
  • True black - Won't fade to gray over time
  • Full edge to edge printing - no white ring
  • Excellent compatibility with high-standard, professional inkjet printers and publishers

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