Falcon CDR 52X - Thermal - White - Gold Archival - 80 Min - 25pc Cake Box

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Falcon  3140506504000708

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Faclon 52X  archival gold discs have a white, thermal-printable surface and a 24-karat gold reflective layer. Gold is used in archival discs because it improves the recording accuracy, ensures longevity and has the most resistance to chemical breakdown and oxidation (the most common cause of disc failure). This gives the gold, archival CD-Rs a life expectancy of 300 or more years. 

  • 300 year archival life 
  • 700MB, 80-minute capacity
  • 52X write speed 
  • White surface 
  • Thermal  Printable 
  • 25-piece cake box (spindle)

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