Fuji DVCPRO - 126 Minute - 24040126 - Large Cassette with Album Case

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Fuji 15003150

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Fujifilm's 126-minute, large cassette DP1261 broadcast-use metal videocassettes feature exceptional image quality and the high output required for high-density digital recording. DP1261 incorporates Fujifilm's proprietary ATOMM-II technology, which enables increased output and reduced noise. Fujifilm's DP1261 combines the benefits of 5:1 compression ratio DVCPRO digital component recording with the reliability and durability associated with metal-coated media.

  • 126-minute
  • Large cassette
  • Packed in album case
  • Ultra-Fine, High-Energy Metal Magnetic Particles
  • High-Molecular Binder Improves Magnetic Layer Durability
  • Superior Transport Stability
  • Excellent Long-Term Storage Characteristics

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