FujiFilm Ultrium 2 LTO - Native 200GB - Compressed 400GB - 26220001

Item # FJ-LTO-2

Fuji 60003229

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Fuji's second generation of LTO, Ultrium 2, has a native capacity of 200GB (400Gb Compressed) per cartridge. FujiFilm's LTO Ultrium 2 Data Cartridges are manufactured using ATOMM (Advanced super Thin-layer and high Output Metal Media) proprietary technology. ATOMM incorporates the nonmagnetic lower layer and an ultra thin upper layer of high-energy metal particles that are applied simultaneously to base film, resulting in media with extremely low self-demagnetization, dramatically increased high-frequency output and significantly higher recording density.

  • High capacity and amazing transfer rates:
    • Capacity: 400GB (at 2:1 compression; 200 GB native)
    • Transfer speeds: up to 80MB/sec
  • Enhanced durability – proprietary tape technology reduces self-demagnetization, increases high-frequency output and increases recording density.

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