HHB DTRS Tape - 113 Min - Double Coated

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HHB 113-minute DTRS tape is double coated for exceptionally high output, increased carrier to noise ratio and the low block error rates necessary to avoid the interpolation and muting systems that inevitably come into effect when data cannot be correctly retrieved from conventional Hi8 media.

The tape base is coated with an ultra-thin layer of metal magnetic particles over a layer of fine non-magnetic particles which contains a lubricant for smooth running of the tape during use. A rugged binder enhances durability and the back coating substrate minimises friction during high speed shuttling.

  • 113 minute DTRS tape 
  • Double coated for high output and low block error rates 
  • Advanced binder compound for increased durability 
  • Rigid, heat resistant shell 
  • Secure archival life in excess of 10 years

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