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Update Regarding Pro Media Industry Recovery from the Japan Tsunami

Dear Valued Customer,

As we informed you earlier this year, the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th affected Sony, and some of our other manufacturer partners. This resulted in severe shortages of many pro tape and disc media products. Since then, significant recovery has proceeded in several areas, and we thought we would update you on the latest developments:

Pro Media Manufacturers Update

Sony has resumed production at nine of the ten sites in Japan affected by the Tsunami. Optical disc manufacturing, which includes XDCam and Blu-ray, are expected to be back in production by the end of this month. Evaporated metal tape products such as DVCam and Digital Master, are expected to resume production in the weeks to come. HDCam SR, HDCam, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, LTO and other professional video and data media that was produced at the Tagajo factory in Sendai, are expected to resume production by the end of July, with a gradual increase in production to occur. Click here for the latest press release from Sony regarding their recovery efforts.

Fuji, whose facilities were not damaged but were affected by power outages, has said they are now running at full capacity. They are continuing to respond to the increased demand, and are expecting to fill all their backlog of orders by the end of July.

Maxell, who issued this press release on March 24th, has said their plants remain up and operating. More product is continuing to be produced and shipped every day.

As the supply of product improves, we will continue to keep you informed as to the status of the Japan situation, and of the items you may have on back order with us. Our excellent relationships with all the media manufacturers ensures that your orders will be filled as soon as humanly possible. We have diligently acted in the most responsible manner regarding the controlled allocation of available product. In all cases, fulfilling the needs of all our customers in the most fair and equitable manner has been paramount in our allocation decisions.

Alternative Solutions
While the supply of blank recording media remains affected, we can be a great resource to you in finding solutions and alternatives to help you get the job done in the midst of these shortages. Many professionals have chosen to use more Hard Drives to off-load content from their tapes. Media Distributors is the fastest growing source of Hard Drives in the industry. We carry the best performing and most dependable brands, at affordable prices. As the use of hard drives increases, so does the need for stable archival solutions such as LTO and Blu-ray. We have several brands of LTO tapes in good supply, at very competitive prices. We can provide custom barcode labeling on your LTO tapes. For archival of content, 50GB Dual Layer Blu-ray Discs provide a stable, low-cost archival medium. Some of our customers have invested in a Blu-ray Disc Publisher to securely archive their camera-original footage, and serve as a CD/DVD/BD disc duplicator as well. We have many different disc publishing systems available. We can show you how they not only allow you to re-use acquisition tapes, but also save you money as well as time. Call us today at 1-888-496-3282 to discuss which alternative solutions would work best for you.

We're More Than Just Blank Media 
We're thankful that you know us as a great supplier of blank media. But we can provide much more than that. Not only in terms of alternate products to get your through the current shortages, but also in terms of ideas and advice to help you make the best decisions for your business. We know that these past few months have been challenging for everyone in the industry. Our job as your supplier is to help you meet those challenges with new solutions and ideas, as well as being your first source for the blank media you need as the manufacturers recover, and the supply resumes.

As always we thank you for being our customer.

Media Distributors

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