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Sony Announcement

Dear Valued Customer,

Since the original news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the resultant product shortages, new information has been released regarding our manufacturer partners’ factory facilities in Japan.

Sony issued a new press release on April 6th regarding the status of its manufacturing operations in Japan. Click here to read this new press release.

Maxell has issued a press release which states their factories were not damaged, and production continues. It also explains their efforts and timeframe to increase production to ease the shortages in our industry. The Maxell press release can be read by clicking here.

Fuji has said that their factories were not damaged, and they are increasing production to help relieve the current product shortages. They are experiencing some power outages and delays in receiving raw materials but are producing as much product possible at the present time.

At Media Distributors, we are continuing to carefully control the allocation of these affected products and do what we can to help provide product to our customers.

We have always offered recertified media which is carefully tested for any defects, then degaussed, cleaned and repackaged for use. This media is an ideal way to get through the current shortages with new media. Click here for a quote on our recertified media.

In addition we have a new media buy-back program, where we will buy back your old used media for recycling. If you have used media you would consider having us take back, please click here and let us know what you have. We can also discuss several options available for off-loading content from your used media, such as external hard drives, LTO tapes or scalable SAN solutions.

We will continue to keep you informed of the situation as developments occur. We thank you for your continued business and trust in us as your supplier.


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