Sony, Panasonic and Fuji announced their commitment to continue the manufacturing and support of all Professional Media products such as Beta SP, DigiBeta, HD Cam, SR, LTO, XD Cam, and DVC PRO. With the recent announcement that Maxell is exiting the Professional Tape Market, Media Distributors and the remaining tape manufacturers would like all of their loyal customers to be aware of their continued commitment to these formats.
Panasonic & Panasonic’s Digital Media Dealer (DMD) Division…. confirmed 3/1/16 its commitment to and the support and supply of the DVC PRO tape format for the foreseeable future. While the industry transitions to a digital work flow, the DVC PRO format, pioneered by Panasonic, is still widely used for production and post production companies in the U.S. The installed base of Panasonic’s DVC PRO equipment is still very large and a testament to the success of Panasonic’s DVC PRO format. As other manufactures may elect to transition out of the DVC PRO market, Panasonic wants all DVC Pro users to know Panasonic Corporation is committed to supporting all DVC Pro equipment owners and users of the DVC PRO Format with parts, service and tape for the foreseeable years.
Panasonic Corporation made this same commitment to the D5 format and D5 customers, over three years ago, when Maxell and Fuji exited the D5 market. Panasonic commitment continues to this day as they continue to support D5 users with D5 tape as well as D5 parts and plan to continue to for the foreseeable future.
Sony Corporation & Sony Professional Storage Media Division….3/25/16 Bill Cubellis, Director of Pro Media Sales and Marketing for Sony’s media division, confirmed Sony Corporation’s committed to the Professional Tape Market and the formats developed by Sony that include Beta SP, DigiBeta, HD Cam, SR, XD Cam and LTO. He also confirmed Sony Equipment Division’s commitment for parts and service of Sony Cameras, Decks, and equipment for these formats. Both divisions want to assure users of these formats that Sony is committed to these formats with the manufacturing of tape and parts for the foreseeable future. Sony is working on an official communique to clear up any confusion the Maxell announcement of exiting the market may have created.
Fuji Film Recording Media Division…. 3/25/16 Jim Ghelfi Vice President of Sales indicated that Fuji has no plans, at the present time, to exit the Professional Tape Market. They are actively supplying DVC Pro, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, HDCAM, LTO, and XDCAM.
If you are a media buyer, a Maxell user, or have any additional questions, please contact your local Media Distributors representative or call 1-800-851-3113.


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