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Try WaterShield for Free

Say Goodbye to Smudged Inkjet-Printed Discs!

Regular Inkjet Disc
will smudge when wet
WaterShield discs
stay sharp, glossy, and beautiful!

Taiyo Yuden Watershield Discs: Water Resistant, Smudge-Proof Inkjet Printable DVD-R and CD-R Media

WaterShield blank DVD and CD-R media is the best way to ensure your inkjet-printed discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches, and provide a glossy, durable and professional looking finish right out of any inkjet disc printer.

WaterShield DVD and CD-R hub printable media features the very same qualities as Taiyo Yuden's original inkjet printable DVD or CD-R discs. With the world's widest record and playback compatibility and the new WaterShield finish, you are assured a great disc, delivered beautifully every time, and made to stay that way!

  • Durable, glossy, water-resistant finish
  • Compatible with all inkjet disc printers
  • Writes all forms of audio and data
  • ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
  • 100-year durability data integrity guarantee
  • Zero wave distortion
  • Lowest jitter levels
  • Lowest bler, E12, and E22 error rate in the industry

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